Chores since we got home

Since we got home from our excellent adventure to Poland we had a multitude of things to do piled up on our plate. So last week was again spent battling the Italian bureaucracy.

Our new bank account was not linking to our online user name and we had bills due. After visiting the bank several times we finally got that taken care of. It was a multi-step process but we feel good that we are no longer being charged exorbitant fees because we are stranieri. And I paid our overdue bills!

We picked up a package at the post office that was delivered while we were gone. And we mailed a box to the US.

Then we visited the Questura to pick up our third Permissi di Soggiorno. Hard to believe we are in our third year here. Our appointment fell during our trip but that worked out OK as they take walk ins from 12:00 to 1:00. I really like the officer who gives them to us. He is super nice and friendly. I am glad of this as I’ve heard some horror stories from other people especially in the big cities. I guess that’s a perk to living in the boondocks!

We then had to visit the Large Lady at the health department to get our coverage extended now that we have the new Permessi.

On Thursday we visited our accountant here to see about our Italian taxes. This has unexpectedly become very difficult. She obviously is not used to dealing with American taxes. We are working on it.

Enough of the chores! We had a great time on Saturday night a week ago watching Raucous Rossini. They did a cute little opera called Il Signor Bruschino. It was performed in Umbertide’s nice theater. Small but with three stories of box seats plus the orchestra seats. Pretty good for a small town like Umbertide.

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