Day 60 – Covid-19

205,463 positives in Italy. Up 0.9%- 27,967 total deaths since beginning of the outbreak.

There are 1,392 positive cases in Umbria. 67 total deaths. Better today. Only up one case and one death.

1,094,640 cases in the US – 64,324 deaths.
So, is this a milestone? I mean 60 days since I started writing these daily journals! Wow. Who would have thought.

Yesterday morning I dumped the trash and did a few errands. Last stop was Angelo’s alementari. He’s a nice man. I was greeted with “Buongiorno Bella Donna!” Now how could any woman not love to be greeted that way? And I love how the Italians say it. It’s not bella donna all mooshed together. No. It is a pretty sing-song BEL-la DON-na! Italians pronounce all their letters so the two Ls and the two Ns are precisely said. Anyway. Sweet Angelo.💕

I’ve been reading about the growing protests in the US about government interference. It seems people think the government is infringing on their rights but in reality the government is trying to save lives in the only way they know at this time. And that is to keep people home. It’s not about “rights” it’s about your health, and your friends and families health which, in the end is more important than your job. Or your “right” to congregate. And have fun. If you persist in this inane activity you may well see a sign at the hospital when you or your family member needs care for the virus like this…

Oh, I am so sorry! The hospital is full.
There is no room for you.
Maybe you should have stayed home?

Trump tweeted Friday that “these are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely!” 😳 I’m sure they want their lives back. I do too. But if they do it this way they may not live long to enjoy their lives.

I guess we just wait and see if the states persist.

This made me sad…

In the early weeks of Italy’s outbreak there was a sense of hope and optimism.

Italians gathered in their windows and balconies to sing together and say “Andrà tutto bene” – everything will be alright.

But as the number of dying continued to escalate, hope faded.

The singing stopped, shutters stayed closed.

Our Sunday is beautiful if a bit windy. Luther did the Calagrana pickup duty. What a haul! I also used up the rest of last weeks veggies to make a nice vegetable curry. I’d never made one before. Makes a good lunch. I just wished I’d had some yogurt.

This is the prettiest Iris I’ve ever seen. Such a deep purple. Thanks Jill.
More Lilacs from Tom!

So this is day 1️⃣. Last day of phase one. Wow. There is much activity all around. All the bars and restaurants are gearing up for some kind of opening. It must be take-out. Not sure how that will work for a bar. FOXX is going to start doing take-out. And Nonna Gelsa, a nearby restaurant will do both take out and delivery. Bar Centrale is getting ready and so is Bar Mary! I just love the commotion. Tomorrow we will see what has happened! Exciting!

No matter what happens in your state, neighborhood, town or country. Use your head and be careful! 🌈

2 thoughts on “Day 60 – Covid-19

  1. Carlo

    I’m not saddened, more just curious, about all the people ignoring the social distancing safety rules and guidelines. It’s what anthropologists and biologists refer to as “survival of the fittest.” I do understand some people’s need to work to feed and shelter themselves and their families. For some, there is simply no alternative. They apply for assistance, then wait, and wait, then go hungry, then go back to work in spite of the danger. I think I would do the same, especially if we had children at home. On the other hand, I agree that those who are simply out to socialize or in defiance of “government overreach” are unwittingly enacting “survival of the fittest.” And, will pay the price—along with their, family, close friends, and co-workers. We’re all in this together—the whole world—whether we like it or not.

  2. Marsha

    Dear Nancy, I wrote to you over a year ago with some questions about taxes for Americans living in Italy and have since checked in on your blog from time to time. I’m happy to know that you and your husband are safe. These are trying times, for me more so because of fellow-citizens’ reactions than because of the virus. Take care.

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