Ho hum

Beginning of the year. After Epifania in January 6 all festivities stop. Then we all hunker down for the doldrums of winter. And we have to do some mandatory chores of everyday life.

In January every year we have to renew our Tessera Sanitaria. Our access to the Italian Health care system. We have to visit our ASL – Azienda Sanitaria Locale. We are required to bring copies of our “certified by the American Embassy in Rome”, Social Security statements. Only Umbria requires this, as far as we know. Then we pay 7.5% of that amount at the post and return to the ASL for our new cards. But first, we needed appointments, which we have for next week. An annual ritual.

Now is also the time to pay our auto Bollo, or our tax on the Volkswagen. And also, this year, the inspection which is bi-annual. The Bollo can be paid online but only after you get a SPID which is a secure email address. It took Luther a good deal of time to get that all worked out. The inspection will be week after next.

The poor old Volkswagen gets very little love. She hardly ever gets washed, and gets the minimum of maintenance. She is our workhorse, a really a decent, everyday car. So anyway, we took her to Happy Car for a much needed bath.

It was our first time here. There were maybe six workers? All hustling like their lives depended on it. Maybe they did? First, you park outside and they vacuum the car. Then, they drive into the building for the wash, two guys. High powered spray but wash all by hand. Then outside for drying and interior washing, floor mats are returned, wheels are cleaned, tires blacked. I don’t know how the money is split. The rent on the building and the water etc must be paid. Maybe the rest is split? Or maybe they are just hired by some Fat Cat who runs the show? Don’t know. The workers aren’t Italians, but they hustle like they get a piece of the action. Bottom line. This hand wash, interior vac and cleaning cost €10 or about $11. A bargain.

Covid cases are up here, like everywhere. I read a tip about the self tests. The instructions say swab inside your nose. But i heard Omacron starts in the throat so it doesn’t show up in just a nasal swab. So, do your throat first, then your nose. Because it doesn’t show up in nasal swabs, a person is contagious for around 3 days even if testing negative (in the nose). Stay safe everyone. Andrà tutto bene 🌈

7 thoughts on “Ho hum

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Margaret, glad you liked reading about Happy Car…I love the name 😁 Maybe this September we can see one another! 🤞

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Margaret! I do try to write about the little things here….like the car wash. It was interesting and we watched the show and speculated about the workers.

  3. Margaret

    Just love your synopsis of the car wash;). I’m still smiling, having read it over lunch. There are so many little parts to Umbrian life that I suspect one really has to live “some-of” to fully appreciate its magic/ambiance. I saw the temperatures yesterday and felt it might snow… the pictures and videos thrilled me! I’ve seen snow in Rome decades ago, but not (yet!) in Umbertide. I look forward to being back in September!

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Jane. Which ASL office will you use? Not all of Umbria requires this. I know for sure Umbertide and Citta’ di Castello require it. Some require your 1040. We have to email the embassy in Rome the Federal Business Unit and ask for the stamped statement. They mail it. Email me if you want to chat. Nancy22314 at yahoo dot com.

  5. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Matt. We take it to the car wash and hand wash ourselves. But I think we will try Happy Car next time. They seemed careful and it was all and wash.

  6. Jane Applegate

    Ciao Nancy about the Social Security income verification. Where is that done? Do not yet have our permesso, appointment is 25 March. I’m guessing this verification step will be needed soon after as we plan to sign up for the national health care plan. Grazie.

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