We had snow this week. It was pretty. But as usual, it’s just cosmetic. It looks nice falling down but it melts soon enough, as in nearly immediately. It is still quite cold nonetheless.

Interestingly, I’ve got a friend with a nice Agriturismo over in Tuscany, near Montepulciano. She said that not a week goes by that an American client doesn’t ask them if their pool is open in January/February. I found this very amusing. All they have to do is see the above picture to know it is not all “Under the Tuscan Sun” here in wintertime. 😁
Different subject. Our friend Vera has two daughters, Maja and Desiree. These two girls adore our two cats. But first…a little background. Many Italians think (their father among them) that animals belong outside…not inside. And that they should live their lives in a natural state. Another way to say they do not spay and neuter. Much to my surprise, Vera was persuaded to adopt a kitten (chiefly by Maja), now nearly a cat. A boy cat. For some reason Graziano, Vera’s husband, has allowed this kitten into their house.

Since they are not familiar with the ways of cats I felt I should explain the ways of Tom cats to Vera. And also that they don’t make good indoor pets if not neutered. They spray, and mark their territory. An unpleasant thing to have happen in your house. Graziano is, like many Italian men, against “cutting” males pets. But she managed to get it done. Her mother-in-law took the cat to the vet while the family was away on vacation and had him neutered.

But the odd thing is, Vera is keeping this all secret from her daughters. Maja was asking about the shaved spot on the cats tummy. So Vera made up some story. I asked why not tell them the truth, and she was all, well it’s not natural and they wouldn’t understand. I wish she’d tell them. It will maybe change their attitudes so future pets of theirs will be neutered. I tell you, I just don’t get Italian attitudes sometimes.

Italy has issued new maps of the different new color coded regions. You will notice Umbria is an island of white in a sea of yellow.

The color coded zones don’t affect people who’ve been vaccinated but they do show where the virus is rising. Italy has mandated all people living in Italy, citizens or not, over 50 years of age, must be vaccinated. I read the Umbertide Notizie Facebook page and they said 429 people are testing positive here, all but two of which are isolating at home. The two are in the hospital.

Life here, if you’re vaccinated, feels pretty open now. But each of us has to follow our own hearts about what to do, what not to do, when to go, and when not, who to see, and where. We are staying home mostly. Discussions are on going about a winter trip. But to be honest, I feel it is prudent to wait.

I am sorry to see the cases elsewhere, to include the UK and the US are soaring. They said there could be 300,000 people in the hospital in the US by next month. We can only hope it will peak quickly without too much death.

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  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Friends and family in the US tell me the same. It is so sad it’s become politicized. It’s the stupidest thing! I am glad to hear the vaccine and booster worked for you. I wonder, were you exposed to them? And were they not vaccinated? Anyway, I’m glad all are well now. I sincerely hope you can come in the spring. My gut says it will be better then. We are all counting on it! Thanks for reading Brenda!

  2. Brenda Jackson

    Here in the USA cases are on the upswing for sure. I live in a small conservative town in Northeast Oregon. There is a divide of those who will not be vaccinated that follows along the political divides that are dividing our country. Four members of our family contracted Omicron and their symptoms were mild compared to the Delta variant. My husband and I are vaxed and boosted and those vaccines did their job. I applaud Italy for mandating those over age 50 to be vaccinated. This virus will continue to mutate and stay with us as long as there are unvaxed people. I sure enjoy your musings and photos. Hope to visit a friend down in Ugento this spring,
    Fingers crossed!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    It’s not as bad as that here. I, personally, know only a couple people who have had it. I read some articles speculating about learning to live with it but the jury is out about that right now they said. The real danger is future mutations which continue to happen as long as people are contracting it. I think Omicon will peak and we will have a better spring and summer. . . Mutations willing. 🤞🤞🤞

  4. janeeok

    Nancy numbers ARE high in the UK, but as levels of reporting and the whole track and trace system is universal.. virtually every case is logged. Most families I know have now experienced Covid. the good news is that this recent version seems to barely affect people. Some people in the family group test positive.. and who knows why .. but some escape it. Many wouldn’t even know they had had it – but only discoveredthey are positive because they are doing Lateral flow tests daily! Again most people I know – even the 20 -30 age group have all had 3 vaccinations.. so optimistically the news is – that we are learning to live with it. I’m looking forward to being back in Umbria in the spring..let’s hope for a semblance of normality by then.

  5. Shirley

    This is funny and I must relay a story. Our friends in Panama lived on one of the nearby Islands, Taboga. They made arrangements with a Vet to come to the Island and neuter all the stray dogs. The local men were outraged because they said if the dogs were neutered they would become GAY. True story…LOL

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