Our new Prime Minister

After the collapse of our last government here, the president of Italy, Sergio Matarella, appointed Mario Draghi as our new PM. It was deplorable for a previous PM (Renzi) to upend the government in the middle of a pandemic, in my opinion, and I had liked our previous PM who got bumped (Conte). But I’m pleased with Mario Draghi. His name means Dragons in Italian. I think that’s perfect! We need dragons now to get us through this. He served as President of the European Central Bank during the Eurozone crisis, becoming famous throughout Europe for saying that he would be prepared to do “whatever it takes” to prevent the euro from failing. And he did. So I think he’s a fighter and we need that now.

The newest thing to happen, is that Draghi has blocked AstraZeneca from exporting the doses of the vaccine that they manufactured in the EU, out of the EU. They have not yet met their contractual obligations to the EU. I’m so glad we’ve got someone in our corner fighting for us right now. We have such a measly amount of vaccine here. And we all wait for our vaccinations while the disease surges. Here is the new map for Italy and it’s zones.

Stay safe everyone…andrà tutto bene…🌈

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