8 thoughts on “School’s out for the sum-mer 🎶

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Louann, yes, sadly out of the historic part. I miss It but it is just a 10 minute walk from here. We live with the real Italians now.

    To be honest, they just repaved the road. Umbertide got some of the EU money after Covid and is using it for things like this. For years we’ve suffered with horrible roads. We have a main super highway going through Umbria, no tolls, so it attracts tons of trucks which of course, destroy the road.

    I REALLY am looking forward to calm for a couple months. It is a madhouse here 4 times a day when parents pick up and drop off the kids. They have to do it for lunch too since no food in schools.

  2. Louann chapman

    Wow! I hadn’t realized your move really did take you out of the historical part of the city! You have new roads that don’t exist where we are in the South. Clearly after WWII the North really did get all the money for infrastructure😏🥴Driving down here is an experience in potholes and bumps🤣
    You have lovely green and trees to look at. Having lived across the street from a school for many years in the States, I remember how wonderful when school ended and quiet returned.

  3. Karen Pace

    Ah…. dreaming of it! Three more weeks for us, right through til June 30th! TORTURE!!!! I just want to be in ITALY!!!!! 😉

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Nancy, yep, same the world over I guess! Thing is here, moms or dads have to pick the kids up for lunch too and bring them back. Then come and get them at the end. Pranzo is a holy thing. No cafeterias in schools here. Umbertide is very green, after all! We are in the Green Heart of Italy, Umbria!

  5. Nancy

    Frazzled mothers and pickup parking look about the same in IT as in the US 😝. Love the trees in your beautiful view. Umbertide looks amazingly greeeeeen! 💚

  6. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt, it’s easier for Italians to do it. We non-native speakers rally can’t

  7. Matthew Daub

    Ha . . . Be careful about dodging the water balloons! We’ve been in a couple of places where huge water fights were the custom and there’s always collateral damage. We were eating outside in a restaurant in Spoleto when this was going on and the kids were totally out of control. Waiters wouldn’t say anything, and we were being the polite Americans. Finally an Italian woman stood up and really dressed the kids down to a round of applause by all.

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