Corona virus 26

  • Umbria total positives 1,023 — up 5.5%
  • Italy total positives 97,689 — up 5.6%
  • 135,029 cases in the US

I went back and looked at these blog posts I’ve been doing. When I started doing percentages the highest growth in one day was 35% and now we are seeing 5%. So we are on the downside of the curve. The cases will continue to grow, until there is herd immunity, or a vaccine. In the meantime, the hospitals will be able to handle the fewer cases that need care. It was the goal. Yay us!

Big news I read this morning is that the US administration has finally seemed to grasp the magnitude of this crisis. They admitted there could be 100,000 deaths but that was not too many (hmmm). But since there are already more than 2,400 this number is probably low. Also the shutdown extends to April 30 with normalcy hoped for by June. These are all good steps. At least they’ve backed away from that disastrous Easter date. I do think normalcy is a long way down the road.

I am sorry people still are not getting it. Two examples:

California they had to close all the state and federal parks and all the beaches in California because so many people were flocking to them that it was impossible to keep proper personal distance. I say GOOD. If it takes this to make these fools stay home then that’s what it takes. Seems the only way to stop people from mingling is to take away all they places they could mingle. Sigh.

And my friend in Myrtle beach told me the cases there doubled overnight with their first death. And yet, her neighbors — no words…Here is what she said…“I really don’t understand how some people think…this morning I saw our neighbors standing in their driveway with a cooler and beach chairs and a SUV pulled up. All four people were loading the car up and they all got in TOGETHER and drove off! I guess they think they are above it all and won’t get sick…people like that just can’t abide by the rules – they are the ones who will give it to someone else”

I completely get what she’s saying. Too many people are STILL behaving recklessly.


Dinner tonight courtesy of Calagrana. Lamb shanks.


After dinner I had a Zoom meet up with my book group. It was very fun. They are my besties from 20+ years ago. I miss our meetings full of good food, wine, laughter, and serious talks. Oh, and books…we read books 🙂 Today there were six of us. I haven’t used Zoom before. It is a good platform for what it does. I find it difficult to talk without talking over someone but otherwise OK. I know lots and lots of people, neighborhoods, work groups, friends, even trivia contests are taking place now on Zoom. It works well for our present situation! Anyway, it was great “seeing” everyone. I was pleased we could all squeeze together with our nine hour total time differences.

It’s morning in Italy. A new day in paradise prison. Weather will take a turn for the worse after today. It will get cold again. Stay safe and home everyone! It will get better. But we all need patience. 💕 And maybe a glass or two of wine ☺️🍷🍷

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  1. Nancy

    I never thought I would say hallelujah to 5%, but from where they have been this is a huge success. Thankful you and Luther are tucked up in your tower, and with amazing food! Third week of self quarantine here and so busy I have no time for anything else. Still hoping that we can come to Italy next fall. So fearful of what is coming in the next two weeks for us. Take care. Thanks, as always, for posting. (You should go back and reread ALL your blog posts like I did last fall!!)

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