Corona virus 30

115,242 positives in Italy. Up 4.2%. 13,915 deaths. It has leveled out. Top of the curve.
1,128 positives in Umbria. Up 3%. 39 deaths.

236,339 cases in the US. 5,648 deaths.

Quiet day today. Still. Silent. Cool and clear. I did some work in the kitchen. I wrestled with my WordPress Menu issue. I finally gave up and asked my friend Roger, who’s a WordPress expert, for help. He fixed it, lickety split. Thank you Roger! So now my top menu has a new item called Recipes. Under that item will be recipes of things I have made and talked about here on the blog. Right now there is the Lentil Spinach soup recipe, and the oatmeal cookie recipe.  I’ll add the pasta one from last night too.

Last night we had some of the left over Chipotle pork. I made fresh salsa, black beans, sautéed onions and peppers. And we built ourselves tortillas. Quite yummy. But not worth a picture.

I read that some other states have finally seen the light and closed down activities. They will pay for waiting I am afraid. And there sadly still remain five (last count) states who have not shut down anything.  Florida announced today but they exempted the Churches. Packing the pews shoulder to shoulder and having large groups breathing together in a room is SUCH a bad idea. Even here in Italy where regular Mass is a fact of life they have stopped services. I hope the churches get smart on their own and close. For their congregants sake. Fools!

Here in Italy the government has extended our lockdown until April 13 when they will reassess. I am reasonably sure it will go to May at least. What a way to spend spring.

I just finished my weekly Italian lesson. All is tranquille in Casa LUNA. 
Ciao for today. As always, stay home, stay safe…faremo insieme. 💕


4 thoughts on “Corona virus 30

  1. Carlo

    Thank you for posting the cookie recipe. Actually, after you mentioned it the other day, I looked it up on the author’s website. I now have all the ingredients and will be following your lead. Thank you!

    P.S., thanks for the beautiful photo from your terrace!

  2. linda

    Nancy, thanks so much for your excellent daily blog. It is the first thing I read every morning. I very much appreciate your news and perspective. Continue to stay safe and healthy.
    linda & alan rogers

  3. Audrey

    I live in Florida and read about the exemption. I know one “church” on the west coast that not only stayed open, but was recommending people to hold hands and pray. The sheriff arrested the pastor. So, on a whim, I googled churches in my county, and all of them are closed. I know mine was closed weeks ago, way before the Governor issued the Stay at home order.
    For myself, we have enough food, drinks, toilet paper etc to last at least a month or more. I dont plan on leaving my house at all. Bought a puzzle, have cable tv, Netflix and internet.
    Be safe. Thanks for your blog.

  4. Margaret McGarrell

    I don’t know what’s WRONG with the people here in USA who somehow think they can’t possibly keep people at home! UNBELIEVABLE! I guess Italy is too “Foreign” and NYC no example… who knows but I’m in utter shame for this country. Insomma che cosa possiamo fare? Strange times indeed.

    Keep on cooking, reading and checking out the piazza for me.. meanwhile I’ll check out your recipes . Stammi bene

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