The tree is lit!

A very pretty, tall and stately tree. We walked through the little Christmas fair for the kids and also small booths selling things. The first picture is where Babbo Natale awaits visits from the children. He is inside La Rocca, our fortress.

Babbo Natale awaits within!
Old woodcut
Carnivale mask
Collection of dolls for sale.
Jane enjoying the ambience.

Today we had a pizza lunch at Calagrana. Albi had fired up the wood oven. Delicious.

Luther had bacon and potatoes on his
Mine was roast vegetable with anchovies. Jane had the same minus the anchovies.
Christie had a margarita with fresh pomodorini and anchovies.

It was all delicious. The day was mild and I didn’t have to wear a coat. Our friends Jane and Christie are just here until next Tuesday. They return to the US and their adventures there until next spring when they will return and move into our apartment. Big adventures to come for us all.

6 thoughts on “The tree is lit!

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    I thought the same Matt. That place where Santa was, was the mouth of Hell to a kid. It’s never been there before this year. Whose idea was that anyway!?

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hi Marjorie, yes, it started out as a Margarita 🙂 but they have no problem if you want to “make it your own” so, anchovies and fresh tomatoes were the additions. Of course, technically it was no longer a Margarita! Hah!

  3. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Albi knows his pizza. Some issue happened with mine. The said it “broke” and that was unsatisfactory. Albi was upset. But the pizza was fine to me. I’m no pizza perfectionist! It was delicious!

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