Where is May!!?

I’m getting tired of this cold wet weather. May is usually so reliably nice. But not this year. Last weekend up to Monday was nice. Then the cold damp came roaring back for the rest of the week.

Big news! Finally. After almost two weeks. We managed to get into our garage! Whoo hoo! Things always take longer that you expect here in Italia…one gets used to it… Now we can take the Angelo Giallo out for a spin. (Note to self…get a second door key)

We still aren’t doing very much interesting so I’ve not been writing too much lately. We did go out to nice dinner with friends at San Giorgio this week. It was fun and good to get to know our new friends. I had Bottoni…a pasta dish. Means buttons. 🙂 descriptive as are so many pasta names.

While I was waiting to pick up my Tikka masala on Takeaway Thursday. I took this pretty shot of the Lido – the park by the river. Once it actually had cabanas and people went there to go swimming, go dancing and sun bathe.

This is now….

This was then… so very different from now. Dancing and partying. You can find this same vibe today along Lago Trasimeno. In summertime it is disco dancing and partying non-stop. Lots of Italian tourists. Nowadays you will see women…I note there are none in these pictures except the dancers.

1939 cabanas in the Lido
1934 Pommerigio festivo alla piattaforma
1934 when the Tiber was clean…It is not dirty now…but I suspect there was a time when it was…

Today, the Saturday Market. I picked up some coriander plants at the Books For Dogs/Libri per i Cani special plant sale. Then we met some good friends at Bar Mary for drinks. They just arrived home from the US this week. They have a home in Montone and are residents of Italy so can come here with no problem. We were interested to hear their experiences for their trip home. They said many people trying to travel without citizenship, residence or an acceptable, essential reason were turned away by the airline in the US.

This man, nicely dressed with his “man purse”, on his bicycle had a 3 liter container of vin sfuso from the wine booth. Looked like a nice rosato. You can just see it in his left hand. Wish I’d gotten a better view! It was classic!

Italiano phrase for today. “Ho messo in ordine tutti i libri” — in English — “I tidied up all the books”. Pronounced…oh mays-so in or-dee-nay toot-tea ee lee-brie.
Get vaccinated everyone, if you can. Here in Italy it is slow…but in the US everyone now is eligible — so please, do it for the greater good…and thank you 🌈!

8 thoughts on “Where is May!!?

  1. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Jane, if you’ve bought tickets wait and see what happens…or check with the airlines what you’ll need for travel…I hope you can come. And end of could be feasible.

  2. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hello Jane. Italy does announcements every two weeks. The one yesterday mentioned no change to the present restrictions to travelers from non-EU countries…next announcement in two weeks. So no one can come now. Italy wants to open but safely. Most Italians are not vaccinated. So it puts the tourist workers in danger from working in close quarters and not being vaccinated. There is no mechanism in place to determine if a visitor has been vaccinated. Until that happens Italy won’t be opening up. Right now the so called Green Card is just an idea and is nowhere near an actuality. My guess is mid to late summer…but that’s just a guess.

  3. Jane Applegate

    Hi Nancy. Are we expecting an announcement about tourism soon? I heard “mid May.” We went ahead and booked our flights for the end of June on Aerlingus. That is the earliest they are booking flights to Rome. We have vouchers to spend from last year and if we’re jumping the gun we’ll just have to reschedule. 🤞

  4. Nancy Hampton Post author

    Hey Matt! The Porsche has to be on a trickle charger all the time or it will die. Otherwise it never seems to mind sitting. Sometimes we need to add some air to the tires. Otherwise good to go. We do get our share of the tickets. Since Covid and lockdown none! Maybe that is a benefit of the lockdown! We got several from our trip to France a few years ago…they love to get Italians. We opted to pay but most Italians just blow off the tickets from France. 😜

  5. Matthew Daub

    Glad to see the Porsche has been liberated! I’ve let my “toy” cars sit for a couple of months. It took a bit of cranking to fire up the old Alfa, but blew the cobwebs out yesterday on a nice drive through the PA countryside. Last time I drove in Italy I brought home an expensive speeding ticket via a remote radar camera….

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